• 07-DEC-2017

London to host additional matches at UEFA EURO 2020

Rome selected to stage tournament’s opening match

The UEFA Executive Committee met today at the House of European Football in Nyon, Switzerland and took the following decisions:


▪ Due to the Eurostadium project’s failure to meet the conditions imposed by the UEFA Executive Committee during its meeting of 20th September 2017, the four matches initially scheduled to be held in Brussels will now be allocated to Wembley Stadium, London following a vote by the committee. This means Wembley will host a total of seven matches since they were already set to stage the semi-finals and final of the tournament.

▪ The Stadio Olimpico in Rome was selected as the venue for the opening match.

▪ The host city pairings were decided by means of a random draw - from six different lists of city pairings established on the basis of sporting strength and geographical considerations - and will be as follows:

Group A: Rome and Baku 
Group B: Saint Petersburg and Copenhagen
Group C: Amsterdam and Bucharest
Group D: London and Glasgow
Group E: Bilbao and Dublin
Group F: Munich and Budapest

Each qualified host country will play a minimum of two matches at home in the group stage.

UEFA Nations League 
The seedings and draw procedure were approved and teams in each league will be allocated to different pots on the basis of the national team coefficient. 

It was also confirmed that the teams of Russia/Ukraine and Armenia/Azerbaijan would be kept apart during the proceedings. The full seedings and draw procedure can be accessed here.

UEFA Futsal Cup
The Pabellón Principe Felipe in Zaragoza was appointed to stage the 2018 Finals, to be played between 19 and 22 April.

Further decision
A renewed Memorandum of Understanding with the Alliance of European Football Coaches’ Associations (AEFCA) was ratified for the period 2018-21, enabling further cooperation between UEFA and coaches.

The next meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee is scheduled for 25 February 2018 - the day before the 42nd Ordinary UEFA Congress - in Bratislava, Slovakia.