• 01-MAR-2017

Why does UEFA invest in education?

UEFA Education programme
UEFA invests in education to give football family people the skills and knowledge to help us develop the game. Let's look at the initiatives that are benefitting UEFA and European football.

Why does UEFA invest in education? The answer is very simple.

Managing and organising modern-day football is a challenging task. The complex infrastructures and mechanisms that are now in place mean that professional and qualified people are required to lead and develop the game across Europe.

UEFA cares deeply about the long-term well-being of European football. Its mission to nurture the game on this continent includes developing and educating people who work in the football family at all levels.

UEFA is creating opportunities for those who work in football organisations, or have served the game as players, coaches, referees, etc., who are seeking to enhance their personal and professional development.

We are working in close corporation with the academic community to drive a series of initiatives and programmes that are providing tangible benefits for UEFA and European football.

These are our major programmes:

- Executive Master in European Sports Governance (MESGO): Enabling sports sector managers and executives to enhance their professional skills

- UEFA Executive Master for International Players (UEFA MIP): Helping former international footballers to enter football management and administration after their playing careers

- UEFA Certificate in Football Management (UEFA CFM): Strengthening the management skills of national association staff and stakeholders

- UEFA Football Law Programme (UEFA FLP): Designed for legal specialists who want to know more about the specifics of football law

- UEFA Women in Football Leadership Programme (UEFA WFLP): Giving women the tools to take on leadership and senior decision-making roles

- UEFA Research Grant Programme (UEFA RGP): Supporting projects directly addressing European football issues

UEFA believes that only by investing in people who work in football, will the game sustain its growth and development – and its education initiatives are already bearing impressive fruit.


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