• 02-APR-2018

Reducing inequalities through football

On this World Autism Awareness Day, 2 April, the UEFA Foundation for Children is reaffirming its desire to ensure that no child is left behind. On the same occasion, we would like to invite you to support the Match for Solidarity being held at the Stade de Genève on 21 April. The proceeds from this match, which is being organised jointly by UEFA and the United Nations, will go towards projects for children with disabilities.

Differences are opportunities, and being different should never stand in the way of any child. In order to reinforce this message, UEFA and the Office of the United Nations in Geneva are teaming up to organise the Match for Solidarity to promote peace and human rights, and to reduce inequalities (in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 10). Legends of the game will be turning out to play in the match at the Stade de Genève on Saturday 21 April.  

All the proceeds from the event, including from ticket sales and an online auction (to be launched soon), will go to the UEFA Foundation for Children to finance projects benefitting children with disabilities. 

In Geneva, the proceeds will be used to support the awareness campaign being run by the Autisme Genève association to promote understanding of people with autism, acceptance of differences and appreciation of diversity in society. 

People don’t suffer from autism, they suffer from a lack of support and from the way people view those who are different. Just like us, people with autism can be amazing, sensitive, puzzling, intelligent, fascinating, funny, touching, and so on. Blue is the colour of autism and it colours the lives of the families of people with autism: intense, rich, exciting and sometimes exhausting lives,” says Elvira David Coppex, Autisme Genève committee member.

On a global level, projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America will also benefit from the event.

Humanity is enriched by its differences and each of us must endeavour to ensure that all children enjoy the same opportunities. We each have a responsibility to respect them, to help them develop and to protect them from all forms of exclusion.

Come along, bring your friends and, together, let’s support the children of today and tomorrow.

Tickets available from: www.ticketcorner.ch


  • UEFA Foundation for Children
    Media Department